Do you have a website that’s getting a lot of visitors every day? Most web hosting companies now provide a variety of hosting plans, including shared, reseller, WordPress hosting with finest performance, VPS, dedicated, and so on.

If you have a website receiving a lot of traffic, VPS hosting is an apt choice to meet its needs. VPS hosting is next to shared hosting, as shared hosting cannot handle the traffic surges on the website. Reliable VPS hosting by MilesWeb is highly powerful, scalable and provides you with the same level of performance and features as a dedicated server, but at a lower cost.

The search for the right web hosting company is not easy. MilesWeb is among the well-known VPS hosting providers in the business.

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting solutions are designed for speed, control and security using KVM virtualization technology.

If you want to host a personal project, want to get business online, or develop an application, MilesWeb’s VPS servers are an ideal option for you. They are among the trusted and fastest VPS hosting providers in the industry. MilesWeb also focuses on providing quality services at rock-bottom prices.


Understand What is VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a highly stable and secure solution than shared hosting service. Here, you will get a virtual hosting environment. Nonetheless, VPS hosting is an affordable solution than renting a complete server.

VPS hosting is preferred by website owners having medium-level traffic on their websites. It surpasses the limit of a shared hosting plan. With VPS hosting, you get the same server resources and features, but only at an affordable price. You get full root access that allows you to do the server modifications and install the applications of your choice. With this, you also get your operating system, dedicated server resources like CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth that you will not be sharing with others.


VPS hosting is available in two choices: managed and unmanaged.

Managed VPS Hosting                                                    

As the name suggests itself, with managed VPS hosting, you don’t have to bother about the server related tasks such as maintaining and managing the server. The web hosting provider you choose takes care of all the functions of managing the server. You get total support from professionals who care after software installation, upgrades, website security, and more with the managed VPS hosting service.

MilesWeb VPS hosting services are designed to meet the requirements of your growing website. You get dedicated resources, top-notch security and optimum speed.

MilesWeb offers ten fully managed VPS hosting plans. With plan V1, you get 2 Intel CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 50 GB SSD disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, one dedicated IP and a free control panel.

Likewise, if you check out their next plan, V2, you get 2 Intel CPU processors, 4GB RAM, 100 GB SSD disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, one dedicated IP and a control panel for free. If you want to spend more and get the best resources, you can opt for the high-end plan V10. With this plan, you get 40 Intel CPU processors, 128GB RAM, 500GB SSD disk, 3000 GB bandwidth, one dedicated IP and a control panel for free. This plan costs $465 per month.

And on all the managed VPS hosting plans, you can save 25% off! According to your requirements, you can select a plan.

What Features You Get with VPS Hosting? 

MilesWeb offers a feature-packed VPS hosting service. Below are the features you get with their VPS hosting.


Uptime Guaranteed 

MilesWeb pledges a 99.95% uptime guarantee with VPS hosting. The server has a strong infrastructure with the latest software and hardware components. This uptime guarantees your websites are available on the online platform round the clock.


VPS Hosting in India location 

MilesWeb maintains its server in an Indian location. This is ideal for the target audience residing in India. Also, they have a Tier-4 data center which is ISO 27001 certified.


Fast SSD Storage 

For smooth performance for websites or applications, most web hosting companies host websites on SSDs. SSD technology is incorporated with all servers to ensure you get the best VPS hosting. MilesWeb hosts all websites on SSD servers to deliver high-speed performance to your website or application.


Intel Xeon Processors

MilesWeb makes use of Intel Xeon processors on all the VPS server nodes. The Intel Xeon processors are the newest generation of processors. Your website receives the best performance and ensures your virtual private server does not go down.


Guaranteed Resources

With VPS hosting service, you get guaranteed resources dedicated entirely to your virtual private server. It delivers high power, speed and latency to your website or application. You can make use of all the assigned resources for hosting your heavy workload website, application or web project.


Full Root Access & SFTP 

With MilesWeb VPS hosting, you get to administer the complete VPS server. You can access and transfer all your files securely with the Secure File Transfer Protocol. The best benefit is, you have total control over your virtual private server.

100 Mbps Network

You get a smooth functioning website or application with MilesWeb advanced network optimized for best page loading speed. They have data transfer speed of up to 100Mbps host your website or applications with no performance issues.

To Conclude

MilesWeb is well-known for providing best-in-class fully managed VPS hosting service at minimum prices. With all the managed VPS hosting plans, they offer high-speed SSD storage drives, dedicated resources, 24×7 expert support. And also, a risk-free trial of 30 days is included with all plans.






































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