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Are you a natural to write and are looking for an opportunity to “Write to us” and “Submit an article as a guest” Page where you will showcase your skills and knowledge about education Students, Colleges and Courses in Study Abroad, and many other topics associated with education. You’re on the right website. You can feel proud of your writing blogs on your favourite educational subjects. The elegant prose you write that is laced with flowers, it will let you showcase your writing abilities in the eyes of everyone. Bookless Learning is a blog that allows you to write blogs about students Colleges, Courses as well as Career study abroad, and much more topics related to education that you are interested in. We offer you opportunities of “write with us”

Education is one of the most important priorities to build a better society. There are many relevant subjects and ideas you can write about. If you feel you’re an expert in writing for education Take the chance to join our blog that is growing. We’re always looking for content writers of high-quality about everything related to education that could help students and readers gain new ideas and information.

Our Topic of Writing Categories:

– Education

– Career

– Colleges

– Courses

– Study Abroad

and many more Related to the Educational Stuff.

Our Main Motive is to educate people who are visiting our blog.

Our “Write for Us” Guidelines

Word count:

The length of your article that you post on the site should be 1000 words. A text that runs between 1500 and 2500 words is preferred. We also advise writers to write long pieces. The article should be informative, free of plagiarism, and unique. The article must not be submitted the same article elsewhere.

Choose a captivating title:

The title should convey what’s in the text of the piece. In essence, the title should reflect the content of the text. You can pick a subject which is beneficial for students looking to pursue a profession in that specific area and is also it is search engine friendly. There is no reason to believe that a person would be interested in reading an article with a dull or uninteresting title. The title of the article plays an important aspect in enhancing the reading ability.

The approval of this subject:

If you would like to submit an article to our site, you need to submit the subject to the email address you have provided. We will accept topics that are interesting as well as pertinent to our website.

Allows the addition of a link:

It is possible to add a dofollow hyperlink to the article. The link you place in your informative article must point to a reputable blog however, it should not be directed to any commercial website or affiliate marketing website.

Promotional Content

You are not allowed to email an article with promotion or content that promotes the product or educational institution because it is a paid article. If you are looking to promote something then you can contact us with the subject line in the form of “sponsored advertisement for a post.”

No Unlawful Stuff:

We don’t accept reports that talk about something that could be detrimental to readers.


We will not publish content that has been copied from other websites or that have been published on other websites. The content you provide to us must be original that is original and free from Copyright Infringement or Intellectual Property.

Keep the right

We have all the rights to modify the content and include links. We can also alter it’s title to make it SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

Concepts from the beginning:

We don’t want to publish an article that has already been published elsewhere. Should there be grammar errors or typographical errors, or poor reformatting of the sentence, we’ll remove the post.


It is required to provide a biographical sketch of at least 100 words, and also include your social media accounts. It is also possible to include the university or college at which you are currently enrolled or studying for your higher education.

Videos, images and interactivity:

Images can be included in your content that’s high resolution. The images you upload must be free of copyright infringement. When saving images, you need to provide a suitable name for the image. You may also include the video. If you wish to include an infographic into the post, you need to insert the embed code.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

 You can send a few topic ideas before submitting an article to us directly.

 send it to our email address editor@avteschool.org

– If your topic is interesting and is relevant to our blog, we will get in touch with you.

– We only accept the articles that are sent in a Microsoft Word document.

Mail us at editor@avteschool.org with the

– Subject (Guest Post or Advertising)

– Topics Ideas

– and Website that you want to link

We will get back to you if you followed our guidelines.


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